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Visualisation. Part 3. Design

Dodano: 1 06 2015 r.
Visualisation. Part 3. Design
When you are creating a picture be sure what you're doing within a frame. I put some words on that in my previous input (http://photographersviews.wordpress.com/2014/10/21/visualisation-part-2-information/). Let me elaborate on this a bit more. When you try to visualize the content you prepare a design. You decide what is in the frame and what is left. Then you choose the dependencies between the objects. Yes, there's been a lot of books written on the composition. I am not in a position to add anything that would contest what was said about the rules and principles (I'll tell something about it in the end). Anyway the composition of a photography means for me that you have a frame and dots, lines and shapes to use. The objects have also meaning by themselves ? they're not only spots within the frame (for example: a human shape which attracts the recipient or a direction of a person's sight which creates a line). You can use all of that to create an image. The frame. A square or a rectangle (3:2, 5:4 or panoramical) ? all of them are connected somehow with the way people see. To every one of them you can apply certain rules. You can put elements of the picture in some places so the image may have more or less dynamic. You can correlate between them and between them and boundaries of the frame to?add meaning and influence a recipient. For example you can leave some clues to what is left behind the frame and make your customer guessing. Now, when you know what you can use (the frame and objects) and what are the relations between elements of the image you should look at your idea critically. Is it consistent? Isn't it misleading somehow? Is it easy in interpretation (maybe it shouldn't)? To answer these questions you have to have something in mind. Otherwise you could create?something? But are you sure that it's after that that you want to find an excuse, ideology to explain why the picture was taken? Remember? We started with the goal and information. Now we try to combine available elements and create a design. Then the time of execution of ideas come. But this is the subject of the next input in my Blog. Some additional thoughts: 1) In my opinion the square is the most demanding shape of a frame. It is very difficult to balance a picture using it. 2) Rules and principles. I will repeat after someone: you have to know them to disband them and find your own way to express yourself, to stir everything you know?

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