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Visualisation. Part 4. Execution

Dodano: 1 06 2015 r.
Visualisation. Part 4. Execution
With the execution of your ideas it is always hard. You decided what is your goal, what you want to put into image and with what means. Now the last part remains. How to do that and when you want to do that - the factors of the way of putting together your thoughts and of the decision on the best moment. I touched the "how" in my previous input (http://photographersviews.wordpress.com/2014/10/29/visualisation-part-3-design/). With the variety of photographic means of expression you can choose you may feel overwhelmed. But try and if you are not satisfied, try harder. Until you are pleased with the result. Because it's the way to discover your own style of telling the world your stories. With the chosen "how" you may become recognizable. But then...I think nobody should end without trying something else. Because it's always the purpose in the beginning and a decision how to accomplish it. The factor "when"... I just mentioned before "try until you are pleased with the result". This is the first thing to see if the "when" is met. The second depends on the recipient - is he/she prepared to see what you want to show? Maybe it's too late to put something into the well known context? Or maybe too early and you have to prepare the viewers? The third thing...is it always the best to show your masterpiece when you are not known at all? In times of the flooding information your image will be lost. It means that sometimes you don't fit into the timeline and you may loose your chance. How to decide when it is the best time? Honestly, I don't know. But I would love to see what you think.

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