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Henri Cartier-Bresson in Rome...

Dodano: 1 06 2015 r.
Henri Cartier-Bresson in Rome...
Some time ago I went to Rome...to visit an exhibition. Yes, I know - I got crazy: going to the eternal city just to see some photos, but...that's how it is with me. I knew Bresson's works and admired them. So I wanted to have a look at prints in the exhibition hall, not the ones in books - I wanted to be in a closer touch with ART. Well... I was really surprised because of what I saw. There weren't only his masterpieces but ...a load of different works! They were marking different periods of Bresson's life: beginnings, surrealism, fascination with the human body, reportage and drawings. Even his stepping out of Magnum (!) was mentioned... So after the first impression - a huge surprise - I think that it was worth the money I spent. I realized that even Masters started somehow and developed their way. This exhibition will last till January 2015. Ara Pacis Gallery, Rome, Italy.

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