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Bigger camera - better pictures?

Dodano: 1 06 2015 r.
Bigger camera - better pictures?
I wanted to say something about using equipment. During my first exhibition I presented photos made with a telephone... The exhibition gathered applause and was recomended to see. Maybe it was because nobody knew it was shaped out of "so bad" pictures? My point is that people assume that the better camera a photographer has the better pictures he/she takes. Is it true? During my first vernissage (or opening if you wish) I spoke some words about cameras and equipment. I think that it is a photographer's brain which takes photos. BUT!... it is dependant on the equipment one has. Using a fish-eye lens to photograph moon is possible but (BUT!) how the effect would look like? So, more or less, I concluded that it's a photographer who is responsible for his/her pictures but he/she is limited by an equipment in possession. It is also very important not to be driven by the cameras but to plan how to use what you have. You can use whatever you have exploiting its advantages but at the same time you have to shape your project to what is in your possession. Does it mean that you should have an omnipotent camera? Not necessarily. Because if something is for everything, it is for...nothing... Several years ago I made some pictures using a pinhole camera for registering solar traces on a sky. It took 3 months to have them. At the same time it registered leafs being present and absent when they fell for winter which was a bonus. You can see it as a cover photo for this input. So - for this reason I didn't have to use an expensive camera. The one I used costed me almost nothing (part of a piece of a photographic paper, a box, an aluminium foil, a glue)... The goal was achieved with it!

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